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Ledger-Based Authorizations — gratis and "in-app-purchase" (IAP) based authorizations in dollars and cryptos
— a free and open-sourced (mostly) ecosystem of widgets, a front-end library, and back-end services
— make the fusion of "logins" and "in-app-purchases" (IAP) as banal and unliable as possible.
The exchange-rate APIs and ledgers.js 4.2.0
25 Apr 2021

The overhide APIs and the ledgers.js library (starting with version 4.2.0) support normalizing in-app purchase fees to US dollars — to reduce the hassle of fluctuating cryptos.

Bearer tokens and ledgers.js 4.0.0
21 Mar 2021

The overhide APIs and the ledgers.js library (starting with version 4.0.0) encourage use of access tokens. Not yet mandatory, but will be soon enough.

What is Ledger-Based Authorization?
11 Oct 2020

Answering the basic question of what is Ledger-Based Authorization.

Remuneration API
06 Sep 2020

An synopsis of Ledger-Based Authorizations and available software to incorporate in Web services.

Scaling and High Availability
21 May 2019

A discussion of overhide deployments as they're running at https://overhide.io and https://ledger.overhide.io; as well as the future direction of components yet to be completed.

Ledger-Based Authorizations As Explained to an Eight Year Old
02 May 2019

An introduction to ledger-based authorizations.

Authorizations and Exposed Source Code
27 Mar 2019

When authoring a service or application that wholly runs in a user-agent such as a browser, you must be cognizant that the application source code is in the clear and modifiable.

This becomes an issue when your business-logic has code flows conditional on authorization tiers.

Introduction to overhide-ledger and Motivation for Why it's Useful.
20 Mar 2019

An introduction of overhide-ledger: a centralized Web 2.0 ledger of dollar transactions exposed through a minimal API.

The intent of the ledger is to enable a simple authorization workflow that's useful today for dollars and tomorrow for cryptos.