Ledger-Based Authorizations

Very easily enhance your Web application with an anti-bot login and monetize it through paid up-sells, in-app purchases (IAP), add-ons, and subscriptions.

Do this with minimal work and minimal integration by leveraging public ledger (blockchain/crypto) authorization concepts... yet without requiring yourself or your users to use, know, or care-for, cryptos and blockchains.

Take payments in dollars — without you or your customers having to trust overhide (trust Stripe).

Take payments with cryptos without modifying your code.

By adding a simple widget to your React app (or writing your own for any other framework or framework-less), your Web application will authenticate "free" users, provide up-sell subscriptions for dollars, and be future proof by allowing payment for same in cryptos.

onboard to connect a new or existing Stripe account
with the overhide ledger

Add the overhide login widget to your front-end (see demo):
    render() {

Add up-sell payment buttons throughout your front-end (see demo code):
    render() {
      const action = isPaid 
        ? .. business logic ..
        : async (e) => {e.preventDefault(); 
          await paymentInfo.topUp(outstanding, to)};      
      <button className={`ui primary button ${loading} ${disabled}`} 
              onClick={(e) => action(e)}>

Leverage two simple HTTP calls to confirm auth in your back-end (see demo):
    GET /get-transactions/{from-address}/{to-address}

    POST /is-signature-valid

Start authenticating your users as anonymous tokens and charging them for add-ons in dollars and ethers — without being responsible for any of their personal data.


unlike social-login, own their access

trust their digital wallets, not their network

no simple passwords — complex generated secret keys — in password-managers or digital wallets

secrets always in their control — never provided over networks

have flexibility to purchase for-pay access in dollars or cryptos


don't manage users' credentials

don't integrate with payment gateways

do write code once despite new currencies

accept dollars and cryptos

it's OSS

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